2022 Highlights

Highlights from COMMOTION 2022
  • 50
  • 16
  • 10
    Volunteer crew
  • 26
    Workshop and panel sessions on 16 different topics
  • 13
    Acts performed in the student showcase, comprising two-thirds of student attendees
  • 8
    Demos recorded during the weekend
The inaugural COMMOTION in 2022 was AMAZING! Students and a raft of leading NZ and Nelson music performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, administrators and all-around smarty-pants descended on NMIT’s G-Block for a dense programme of workshops, discussions, demo recording sessions and a showcase concert - the purpose - saturate the minds of the next generation with practical advice, to arm them for success as musical artists. The place was buzzing from start to finish!

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COMMOTION 2022 overview
Student Showcase livestream recording
I have a whole different perspective on so many things about the music industry. The whole process - I'm listening to songs in a totally different way and listening to artists I hadn't really listened to before. I now know that there's so much more on offer - so many more jobs that I could get that aren't just being a singer, thank you so much!
Demo tracks recorded during COMMOTION 2022
Keep A Hold Of Me
People In My Brain
On My Own
End Of Shame
Polish Your Mouth
What they took away from the workshops would have been reason enough to call it a beneficial experience, but it was so much more than that. The people they met; new artists they've discovered; the talent they heard; the feedback they received from the panel in regards to their song; the tips they picked up from other discussions; the conversations they had with the tutors after their performance - absolutely priceless.
Check out COMMOTION students now on Spotify
Thank YOU for such an amazing and inspiring experience! As I mentioned to you on Sunday I couldn’t imagine how it could have been run any better or smoother from my perspective as a presenter... the facilities were great, the whole crew and support were awesome, all the comms were so clear and abundant, and the kids incredible.
Student Feedback
If you are curious to learn about the music industry and the great opportunities available for players and songwriters alike, I would totally recommend COMMOTION.
Take it all in because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Jam packed with knowledge from all different sides of the music industry. Small size means that you can really get involved in the workshops and have an opportunity to talk to the amazing tutors one on one.
This is an awesome opportunity to get a bit of an insight into how it might be to be involved in the music industry, but also just a chance to connect with other young musicians.
Was an amazing experience. I will definitely come back next year!!! The venue was perfect and it was easy to work my way around the place.
It would be awesome if the whole event was like a day longer :)
Only gutting thing was not being able to go to all the workshops I wanted to.
The show was awesome!
Do it! It was an amazing experience and a great way to meet other musicians in the area!