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COMMOTION workshops
*2023 workshops will be finalised and published in June/July 2023
COMMOTION 2022 workshops
Bring your song ideas and instrument to this workshop to work with our awesome artist/mentors to refine your ideas and improve your songwriting skills
Aotearoa Music Producer Series
This workshop will unpack three songs from different genres. Displaying the multiple tracks that the producer works with, to illustrate what a producer does and the considerations that go into a finished song. This workshop is led by two young producers (Emily Wheatcroft Snape aka EM and Sophie Bialostocki aka Lévyne), and is brought to you by AMPS an initiative of Recorded Music NZ and the Music Producers Guild.
Learn to DJ!
Who doesn't want to learn to DJ? In this workshop you'll learn the in's and out's of DJing with DJ Shan from the Aotearoa DJ Academy.
Depending upon attendee experience, this workshop may be offered twice at a beginner and an advanced level.
Ableton Live music creation and performance software
Live is fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. Ableton Certified Trainer Paddy Free, from legendary electronic duo Pitch Black, will introduce you to the power of Ableton Live to transform your music productivity and live performance. This workshop will be offered at an introductory and at an advanced level.
Record a Demo
If you or your band have a song you'd like to record, you can get a demo recorded at the NMIT recording studio by professional producers. All attendees will be emailed in advance of COMMOTION to see who wants to pre-book this.
From your bedroom to the world
In this workshop you'll learn how to go about getting your music out there. From working with a producer; getting your music released onto streaming platforms; making music videos; promoting your music; to digital rights management, licensing and royalties. 
Contemporary Music Production
Whether you're wishing to record yourself singing and playing guitar or whether you wish to create electronic music you will use a DAW (digital audio workstation). This workshop is led by Shapeshifter's Sam Trevethick, using Logic Pro, and imparting his considerable knowledge.
Sound Awesome Live
Perfect for both aspiring and experienced performers, this workshop is facilitated by an experienced sound engineer. You'll learn answers to the following questions:
  • What is all this gear?
  • What is the engineers vs. performers role in achieving a great live sound?
  • How do you communicate what you need (or want)?
  • How to be prepared so it goes your way?
Vocals Dojo
For Singers who wish to learn to harmonise, improve their mic technique, and learn how to take care of their voice.
Guitar Tone Mastery
An electric guitar workshop where you'll learn about guitars, amps and effects pedals to explore the possibilities within reverb, delay, distortion, fuzz, echo, chorus, boost, and compression.
Keys: Sound Expansion and Live Performance
A must-do workshop for keyboardists. This workshop focuses on diversifying your sonic palette and instrumentation with supercharged keyboard possibilities. In addition, covering best practices when using computers in live performance. 
Rhythm Section Connection
A strong rhythm section is critical. In this workshop for bass players and drummers, you'll explore how to better work together.
Own the Stage!
Learn tips to improve your stage presence and connect with your audience. Perfect for future Popstar contestants and Rockquest participants looking to improve their stage presence.
Mixing & Mastering
An introduction to the intricacies of sculpting sound. You'll learn just what goes into turning a flat recording into a releasable song.
Soundshare Panel
Get feedback on your demo or recorded song by a panel of artist/mentors. Be one of a small number of attendees/bands to get constructive feedback on your work. All attendees will be emailed in advance of COMMOTION to see who wants to pre-book this.
Music Industry Panel
Learn about royalties, rights, licensing, distribution, labels and the role of music industry bodies, including NZ Music Commission, APRA, Recorded Music NZ etc. An opportunity to learn what they are, what they do and why they are important for making money from your music.
Artist/Tutor Q&A Panel
A fun Q&A session with artist/mentors. Put your questions into a box and the artists will draw questions and try their best to answer them.