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COMMOTION registration for scholarship students
COMMOTION has funding from generous donors who have made a number of scholarships available. To register for COMMOTION as a scholarship applicant, please complete the registration form below.

If you will be unable to attend without assistance with transport or accommodation/meals, please let us know by emailing info@commotion.nz

Registration includes:
  • Over $800 in value per-attendee
  • A full weekend of amazing workshop content
  • Tutoring and mentoring from legends in New Zealand music
  • Entry to the Saturday night showcase gig and a complimentary ticket for a parent or friend
  • A multi-use 10% discount card for Beggs Musicworks, valid for 12 months
Registration Process
1 - Registration Form
Complete and submit the registration form below
2 - Confirmation
Once you've submitted your registration we will be in touch to confirm your place and liaise with you about any support you've indicated you require.
3 - Showcase and workshops
Once you're signed up, we will be in touch if you've indicated that you are interested in performing in the Saturday showcase.
Keep an eye out for emails from COMMOTION with information about the event. These will be sent to both the student and parent contacts entered into the registration form.
COMMOTION - Student Registration
Scholarship Type
Please select which scholarship you are applying for
Additional Support?
If you live outside of the Nelson-Motueka region, will you require any additional support with transport, accommodation and meals in order to be able to attend COMMOTION? Please detail the support you require
Nominated By?
Has someone or an organisation suggested you apply for a scholarship? e.g. school, iwi trust, community member. Please detail
Student First Name
Student Family Name
Student Email
Student Phone
Highschool you attend?
If youre not in school, just put the town or city you live in
Medical Conditions
Parent/Guardian Name
Pre-Commotion emails will also be sent to this person and they will be your emergency contact
Parent/Guardian Phone
Parent/Guardian Email
Music experience
Please tick all that apply to you
Briefly outline your musical experience
What you play e.g. guitar, vocals, drums etc. How many years experience; performance experience. Any links to your music online? If you're in a band, what's the name of your band/act?
Are you interested in performing on stage at the Saturday Showcase?
Can be either as a solo performer, or as a duo or band.
How did you find out about Commotion?
Commotion terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions


COMMOTION is a full weekend commitment. Please don't apply if you can't make the whole weekend.

Behaviour - Similar to behaviour rules at high school.

  • You will enter into the spirit of the event and attend with an open mind; be open to feedback; be supportive and encouraging of others.
  • Putdowns, bullying, rude or abusive language etc will not be tolerated.
  • COMMOTION is drug and alcohol-free. You agree to not consume alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes or vape.
  • In the event of poor behaviour, you may be asked to leave COMMOTION. In this situation, no refund will be given.

Withdrawals and refunds

If you can no longer attend COMMOTION you can notify us by email at info@commotion.nz


If COMMOTION is cancelled due to COVID-19, or another event outside of our control, it will not be offered again till the same time next year.